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I arrived, watched a 50 second flash animation, laughed at the part where it gruesomely showed how he actually dies, and that was it. This animation doesn't need any sort of deep analysis, although your own point about having to explain a joke was contradictory to needlessly ending it with "LOL GEDDIT." Thanks for the laugh.

Atlhough it's simply animation practice, I liked the presentation and the build-up. I particularly liked how MegaMan looked so awkward during it... and truthfully I enjoyed that little dance at the end far too much! I think the actual drawing could use some more refining but the animation itself was solid and not "too" fluid--60fps animations seem so off-putting for some reason. Would love to see more shorts from you in the future.

Excellent parody

Initially this seemed like a typical Sonic parody, but this is actually quite clever and creative. I laughed several times and loved younger Sonic's attitude, and the animation quality is actually really well done too. Great work, you deserve the front page!

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Great game! It's not the typical "how far can you launch" game, since it's actually got a real end and it was pretty entertaining to get there too. As usual it takes a little time to build things up but then you're rolling in the money and powerups start flooding in. This was a good way to waste an hour. Very charming graphics too, and it was always entertaining to hit a pirate in the head (was surprised when I hit an engine and it blew up!). Great work, will play again.

UknownXL responds:

Awesome, Yeah that was a little touch I wanted to add in. (engine blowing up) Its a good way to take down 2 pirates on one boat as well. Thanks for the review and im happy you enjoyed it.

This game has a lot of potential, but it's really a let down when you're actually penalized for progressing through the game--halfway thru the map and you stumble on a new class (which you have no idea what it will be) and then bam, you're stripped from double jumping, dashing, and adequately defending against unbeatable enemies, and you're likely about to run out of stamina too, forcing a restart. Some of the class abilities are questionable too, the archer's normal attack costs coins to fire an arrow? Then an "upgrade" is a knife attack that doesn't do anything to "!!" enemies, it's a waste. I stopped playing after that class because I didn't have the patience to get to a newer class later in the map, the game's pacing is too slow. Instead of a double-tap to dash, the walking speed would be better off permanently increased. It's a decent concept with really attractive graphics but until these flaws are fixed, I feel discouraged from playing further :(

Solid game

Definitely a solid game, not terribly difficult but not too easy either. The only drawback is those damned gravity wells--using them is entirely guess work because they don't always correctly send you in the direction they're facing. Still the graphics are simple, music is appropriately retro, and the gameplay is pretty good. A fun game!

Also this is more humorous than anything, but the first thing that threw me off was the plot. Granted, the plot is never the strong point of platform-puzzlers... But the God says he will make duck rich after collecting 40 golden eggs... but if duck has 40 golden eggs, wouldn't he already be rich!?

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I definitely like the style you drew this in! But all the turtles had different shades of green, why is Raph the only one that has more saturated skin? Leo needs more emphasis but that's not serious critique, I just like him more ;) Great shading and lines.

A solid image

I really really like the design of the model, and I love seeing composite images of the drawn concept, to the plain model, to the render and pose... and the design of the robot is creative for sure. I like all the details that you put into it and it really has your signature style.

However, a lot of those details get lost in the highly reflective material on the armor. It reminds me of when Bryce was getting popular and people would just make reflective objects for the sake of it, it's very flat and noisy. If you could composite an AO layer over it so the shading of the model isn't completely lost in the reflection, it would really help to accentuate the details on it... But then again this *was* done a year ago, and this was for an animation so perhaps it looks better in motion. I just think with better materials (no offense to Osuka), it could really be a 10.

MindChamber responds:

well its supposed to be brass, and i think thoseyellow parts came out fine, but I agree the joints and int gears couldve been better with a more prime base coloring.

thanks for the review.

Very nice

Very nice character design, it really jumps out and looks just like the drawn character... I'm not fond of that kind of style myself, the eschewed proportions and "pumpkin heads" but that doesn't mean it's a bad style by any means. Reminiscent of Psychonauts. Good work.

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